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Wellington Bookkeeping Service
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Business Bookkeeping
Full Charge Bookkeeping - This entails Payroll and all related reports, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Invoicing, Sales tax and related reports, all quarterly and year end reports. These services can be done fully by us or by the client and then brought to us to enter in our system (we use Quickbooks). This can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly. We can also just do Payroll and the related reports, if you want to do your own books in house. It is all up to the client's preferance. You can bring your work to us or we can come to you and work in your office.
• QuickBooks Training - Our QuickBooks Pro Advisor does the training as business specific to you and we offer the training in all versions of Quickbooks. Getting started with Quickbooks can be complicated and confusing. Without having adequate knowlede of the program and/or bookkeeping, it can be very costly and time consuming. We can set up clients correctly right from the start to avoid clean up and/or error correction. Let us help you get started the correct way, and with continuing help along the way, you can be sure your records are always accurate.
Consulting - If you have an in-house bookkeeper but require a professional eye to look over your accounts to make sure everything is entered correctly, we do this also. This can be a good way to keep a system for checks and balances. We know our clients are busy trying to make money and do not always have time to thoroughly examine their books. If a clients bookkeeper goes on vacation or has an emergency we can jump in and help. If a client needs to hire a new bookkeeper, we can help with the hiring process, to make sure the client is getting a bookkeeper who truly is the correct fit and has the correct skills for the clients business.